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Zutano Clothing

Huge selection of Zutano at Great Prices in dozens of colors and prints that can be endlessly mixed and matched. We offer Zutano skin soft separates in Newborn and Preemie Sizes, Zutano Baby Clothes and Zutano Toddler Clothing.

Zutano Pool Multi Stripe Jacket
Zutano Baby Clothes by Style - a collection of sking soft Cotton separates offered in dozens of styles, colors, and prints that can be endlessly mixed and matched. Zutano baby clothing in sizes 0-24 months. Zutano Peacock Long Sleeve Wrap Dress
Zutano Baby Clothes by Print - more than 100 super cute Zutano prints to choose from! For babies 0-24 months.
Zuttno Fleece Cozies - ON SALE!! snugly and warm cotton sherpa fleece clothing in lot's of great colors and styles. Zutano Fleece Clothing in sizes 0-24 months.
Zutano Cozie Monkey Pullover
Velour - bright colors - simple, elegant styles - all in velvety soft velour. Zutano Velure Baby Clothes sizes 0-24 months.
Zutano Itzy-Bitzy Elf Onezies
Zutano Newborn Clothing - Itzy-Bitzy is an adorable and special collection of newborn and preemie clothing. Zutano offer 2 sizes in Layette Itzy-Bitzy Collection, Newborn/Preemie 4-8 lbs. and 0-3 months. Perfect tiny styles of coordinating prints you can endlessly mix and match.
Zutano Toddler Basics - Zutano Toddler: A selection of Zutano's favorite prints and solids in Cotton, French Cotton Terry, Fleece and Velour, SIZED UP! to fit children up to size 4.
Premie and Newborn Clothing by Zutano
Zutano Collectibles - girls and boys, infant and toddler as well as 4-6. Zutano Itzy-Bitzy Newborn and Premie Clothes
Zutano Peacock BowTie
Zutano good dog
Zutano Baby Basics

About Zutano

Zutano Owls Short Sleeve Twirl Dress

The Zutano baby clothing are manufactured from the highest quality, super soft cotton. The colorful, whimsical and original designs are made to be endlessly mixed and matched. Zutano combines elegance, comfort and originality to reflect every baby's unique personality.

Zutano was founded by designer and art director Uli Belenky and professional photographer Michael Belenky. The idea came to them after having their first daughter in 1989 and they could not find much other than pink and blue in the children's clothing market. They wanted the clothes to be for baby, with simple clean lines that they could wear day-in, day-out, and still be fashionable. As a baby's first expression of style, Uli's designs help them shape their uniqueness, something they will continue to explore for the rest of their lives. Uli grew up in Germany and is influenced by the Bauhaus design pholosophy. She thinks of clothes as architecture. Uli is known for producing her own fabrics, where color is key. Zutano uses the highest quality interlock cotton fabrics and natural fiber blends. Zutano is now based in Cabot, Vemont and their unique clothing line is now well known to all of us who have babies in our lives as being the most comfortable, fun and colorful clothes to dress our babies in. Zutano has been growing into one of the industry's leaders in market innovation and customer relations. Uli has now designed a special newborn collection called Itzy Bitzy for babies under eight pound. The new line includes clothing in mix and match solid, prints and stripes as well as socks, bibs, blankets and brightly colored plush toys.

Zutano means "so and so" in Spanish, but there is nothing so-so about the attention Uli and Michael pay to the details of running their company. Zutano strives to support a nurturing world for babies to come into and generously donates from their proceeds to various good causes. Some examples include Educational enrichment programs for children, reproductive rights to women, end childhood hunger, better healthcare programs, regional scholarship fund, breast feeding educational programs, clothing drives and non profit support. Each year we receive a holiday card from Zutano informing us that they donated money to charities in our name. This holiday season (Dec. 2011) they donated to Fondasyan Kole Zepol "Fonkose", Haiti's largest micro-finance institution for the poor.

Zutano Newborn Clothing Itzy-Bitzy - an adorable and special collection of newborn and preemie clothing designed to fit brand new babies weighing between 4 and 8 lbs. Perfect tiny styles of coordinating prints you can mix and match. The Itzy-Bitzy Collection comes in the following "families" or prints: Cottage Garden, Farm Fresh, Flower Show, Good Dog, Sugar Blossom, Rush Hour, Helicopter, Snails and Sorbetti. Styles include Kimono style wrap top, kimono style wrap short sleeve onesie, kimono style wrap long sleeve onesie, leggings, long sleeve dresses, beanies and sleep sacks. A Second Size and New Print Families Join Itzy Bitzy: Zutano has added a new size to the Itzy Bitzy program for Zutano's smallest customers: 0-3 months. This size perfectly bridges the gap between our Newborn and 0-6 month size and makes the collection even more perfectly tailored to fit a newborn's delicate little frame. With four new print families in the section, we now offer a total of eight.
Zutano Newborn Fleece Clothing - Zutano has sized down some of their favorite fleece items to fit newborn and preemies. Newborn Fleece Clothing comes in a few colors and styles such as newborn fleece hats, newborn fleece jackets, and newborn fleece elf suits.
Zutano Newborn Clothing by Style - If you would like to shop Zutano newborn clothing by style this is the place to be. We carry Zutano Newborn Kimono Tops, Zutano Newborn Hats, Zutano Newborn Pants, Zutano Newborn Dresses, Zutano Newborn Footies, Zutano Newborn Sleep Gowns, Zutano Newborn Onesies and more.

Zutano Baby Clothes: Zutano sperates that are offered in a complete family of about 100 different colorful, whimsical and unique patterns, prints, modern dots, vibrant solids and brilliant stripes that can be endlessly mized and matched. Zutano Baby Clothes are inspired by a love for babies and a belief that each baby's individuality can be celebrated. Catering to the speciality market, Zutano makes that celebration possible. As an industry leader in comfort, fun and fashion, Zutano's Baby Clothes have a well-deserved reputation for innovation and versatility. At Comfykid.com you will find

Ssolid jackets, printed jackets, Reversible Zip Hoodies, solid short sleeve T-shirts, printed short sleeve T-shirts, solid long sleeve T-shirts, printed long sleeve T-shirts, Peasant Tops, leggings, Skinny Leggings, beanies, swing tops, Long Sleeve Wrap Dresses, short sleeve dresses, long sleeve dresses, shorts, overalls, footies, Onezies, Sleep Sacks/ Gowns, diaper covers, printed Pants, Solid Pants, blankets, booties, Scarves, Sun hats, Elf Hats, Swing Tees, and Tights

Zutano A-line Jumpers
Zutano A-line Jumpers are now on SALE at comfykid.com. They are made of 100% cotton interlock and organic cotton interlock. They have snaps for convenient diaper change. This style is cute for girls, like a dress with a diaper cover attached.
Zutano Bodysuits
Zutano Bodysuits are now on SALE at comfykid.com. We have a huge selection of prints and stripes to choose from. All bodysuts are made with either 100% cotton or 100% GOTS certified organic Cotton. They have snaps for convenient diaper duty and two small buttons on one shoulder to make it easy to put on.
Zutano Sun Bubbles
Zutano Bubbles are on SALE at comfykid.com. They are made of 100% cotton and have snaps for convenient diaper changes. Adorable style for warm Summer days.
Zutano Cap Sleeve Bodysuits
Zutano Cap Sleeve Bodysuits on SALE at comfykid.com. They are the feminine version of the regular bodysuit and hace cap sleeves, empire waist and snaps for easy diaper duty. Made of 100% cotton.
Zutano Cozies baby clothing are made of cuddle-soft and cotton rich fleece and is snugly soft and cozy. It will keep your baby warm and snug through whatever wheather comes your way. Made of cotton Sherpa Fleece, Cozies can be worn alone or layered with Zutano's Baby Basics, creating an outstanding combination of color and texture. The Cozies come in 17 different colors: apple, aqua, black, celery, chambray, cream, chocolate, fuchsia, lemon, moss, navy, periwinkle, pink, pool, red, stone, bold stripe and tangerine, and they work seamlessly with the entire Baby Basics line. These are the styles we have available from the Zutano fleece line: Zutano fleece hats, Zutano fleece jackets, Zutano fleece pants, Zutano fleece overalls, Zutano fleece zutsuits, Zutano fleece booties, Zutano fleece jumper dresses, Zutano fleece mittens, Zutano Fleece Elf Onezies, Zutano fleece Jester Hats, Zutano Shaggy Jacket and Hats, and Zutano fleece applique pullovers.
Zutano Velour baby clothes are made of cotton rich velour and is very soft and comfortable. We carry the velour in 9 styles and 13 colors. Zutano velour is available in aqua, black, chambray, chocolate, fuchsia, lime, orange, periwinkle, pink, red, white and in Giardino Stripe and Chocolate Multi Stripe. These styles are currently available: Zutano velour mandarin jackets, Zutano velour pants, Zutano velour beanie, Zutano velour long sleeve dress, Zutano velur coverall, Zutano velour mouse hat and monkey hat, and Zutano velour crew necks, Zutano Velour Swing Jackets.
Zutano Toddler - A selection of Zutano's favorite prints and solids, in four of their stylish fabrications, SIZED UP! to fit children up to size 4. This group of classic cotton interlock, french cotton terry, fleece Cozie and elegant Velour styles can be mixed and matched together to create the perfect outfit for your little ones! Zutano toddler clothes come in sizes 2T, 3T, and 4T. We have also special ordered a couple of dresses and leggings up to size 6 for the little girls that love Zutano after turning 4.
Zutano Toddler Clothing by print - we carry dozens of prints of Zutano Toddler Clothing, just click this link and have a look!
Zutano Toddler Clothing by Style - if you are looking for a particular style of Zutano Toddler clothes this is the place for you! We carry dozens of Zutano Toddler Clothing Styles such as dresses, t-shirts, pants, leggings, ahorts etc.
Zutano booties are designed to stay on your your babies feet. They have adjustable ankle wraps and come in many adorable prints and colors.
Zutano blankets are perfectly sized blankets made of the same 100% cotton as the Baby Basics prints and come in a wide range of Zutano's most popular designs. Each blanket is backed by a coordinating solid or stripe and is expertly trimmed with a matching solid.
Zutano socks are designed with the very tiniest feet in mind. Zutano socks are made of a super-soft cotton blend - with just enough stretch to stay snuggly on baby's feet. Offered in 2 terrific styles - classic cotton crew and infant terry - these colorful and comfortable socks will put the finishing touch on any bright Zutano outfit!!!
Zutano Bibs
Zutano Bibs comes in your very favorite Zutano patterns, backed by soft terry, and trimmed with bright, complimentary solid interlock. Each bib safely atttaches around baby's neck with a velcro closure.
New A-Line Jumper and Bubble for Baby girls!
Zutano's two adorable new Baby girl interlock silhouettes received a very enthusiastic reception at the ENK Children's Club Show at the beginning of August. Perfect for the hot days of summer, both pieces are available in a wide variety of prints.
Zutano's lovable Hip Hoppy bunny Since the day of introduction Zutano's cuddly mascot Hip Hoppy has become a snuggle-soft friend and much-loved family member in homes around the world. Wearing colorful changeable miniature Zutano fashions, boy and girl styled Hip Hoppies are available in classic cream and warm chocolate versions. Each Hip Hoppy is approzimately 12.5" tall and manufactured in a snuggly cotton blend.
Baby Hip Hoppy This half-size baby bunny wears an utterly adorable teeny tiny Zutano diaper cover - he also has a rattle in his baby belly, making him an instant favorite among our littlest fans. Such snuggly sweetness, in a pint-sized package, Bby Hip Hoppy makes an affectionate accessory for any newborn. Each Baby Hip Hoppy measures 5" tall at the ears and is manufactured in a snuggly cotton blend.
Good Dog What a Good Dog! To compliment the earthy warmth and phenomenal cuddle-appeal of Zutano's Cozie line, Good Dog trots to the occasion. Sewn of rich chocolate Cozie Good Dog sports a soft cream-colored muzzle, eye-patch and belly. This energetic plush pooch wears a charming Cozie bodysuit- available in 6 Cozie colors - and will for certain become baby's most loyel four-legged friend. Each Good Dog is 10" tall and manufactured in a snuggly cotton blend. is likely to become baby's most loyal friend.

Zutano Prints

These are some of the new Zutano prints for the current season. To see all prints we carry please click on the Zutano by print link on the top of this page.

Zutano Fishies
Zutano Designer Baby Clothing in Fishies print. A perfect pairing for Zutano's new Heather Grey Solid, Fishies takes cool grey tones and combines them with brights suchs as lime, pool and orange to make a fun geometric pattern of stacked fish. Printed on a pail grey grid, an adorable composition is created from semicircles, triangles and lines. Inspired by the simple shape of children's toys, screens with numbers and elephants accompany this print.
Zutano Dizzy Daisy Newborn Print
Zutano Dizzy Daisy - a bold floral print in an unexpected color palette, Dizzy Daisy combines periwinkle blue bird, hot pink, fuchsia, lime and apple to create a unique pattern of playful flowers and hearts. Inspired by clear, colorful Nordic patterns and designs, this print looks great when paired with candy stripes in Hot Pink or Periwinkle and several solids. Small details and dots of color gived Dizzy Daisy depth and composition.
Zutano Tickled Print
Zutano Tickled - Pink and orange feathers fall in a graceful patterns as if a fun pillow fight just took place. The result - a happy and unexpected composition. Tickled is inspired by belly laughs, playtime and the natural beauty of birds and feathers. A unique dream catcher screen tee accompany this print. Little girls everywhere will be tickled pink!
Zutano Summer Dream
Zutano Summer Dream Print is Perfectly Pink, with butterflies and sweet little flowers, Summer Dream is full of bright happy hues. Transport baby to a quiet meadow full of fluttery wings and soft, delicate wildflowers. This print brings to mind garden parties, cup cakes and sunny days. Screen is of butterflies and flowers on an orange candystripe background, and a solid pool background.
Zutano Riviera Clothing
Zutano Riviera - This print is inspired by Regattas and lazy sunset sails. A bright Orange Ground showcases white boats with delicate designs on their spinnakers. A medley of sunset hues makes up the color palette - tangerine, pool, hot pink and fuchsia. A variety of fun sailboat screen designs accompany this print.
Zutano Dog Walk Print
Zutano Dog Walk - An adorable group of little dogs get together in this new canine print. Scruffy the terrier joins hot dogs and hounds for a fun day of romping around the dog park. The color story of blues, oranges, and mandarin is the perfect expression of summer time when the dog days run long and fun. On a periwinkle screen romper, the top dog leaps to receive his reward!
Zutano Le Cirque
Zutano Le Cirque Print is filled with friendly clowns, and seals. Le Cirque burst with classic fun and playful circus scenes, and everybody is part of the show. Dogs jumps through hoops and seals balance balls on their noses. A natural palette is livened up with red, pool, grey and yellow.
Zutano Helix
Zutano Helix - Geometric shapes are all the rage this season and Zutano's colorful Helix print is sure to please. A unique take on the popular Chevron pattern, Helix is made up of a strong primary palette. Yellow and gry mix in a modern color trend. Babies are sure to make a bold statement with the awesome anglers of Helix.
Organic Busy Beaver, Organic Little Farm, Organic Windy Days, Organic Meadow Marsh, "Meadow" and "Meadow Applique", o Organic Baby Clothes in Forest Fun,"Forest", and "Forest Applique", Heather Grey, Peacock Clothing, Motorway Baby Clothes, Foxtrot, Kitty Kat, Mushrooms, Dinos Print, Chocolate/Pool Multistripe, Sugar Bramble, Cowboys, Sunday Drive, Lime Fair and Square, Penny Lane Print, Garden Snail, Crabby, Beluga print, Golden Gate print, Balalaika, Sputnik and "Blast Off ", Jungle Dream, Owls, Love You and Paris, Elephants, Super Multistripe, Navy Multistripe and "Robot", Florilee and "Flora", Snorkel and "Angelfish", Tweet and "Bird Kiss", What a Zoo and "Zoo", Jazzy Chimps and "Rock On", Snails and "Lavely Snails", Gumballs and "Birdy" and many more. To see more prints, please click on Basics by Print on top of this page.
List of some available Zutano styles w/links
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