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Unique Children's Clothing

At Comfykid.com you will find lot's of unique children's clothing, including boutique clothing brands like Le Top, Rabbit Moon, Jelly the Pug, Isobella and Chloe, Mimi and Maggie and Giggle Moon. The craftmanship that goes into making these clothing brands are amizing and the clothes have beautiful details, colors and styles. We hope that the clothes we have picked out for this website will put smiles on your children's faces and give them lot's of compliments wherever they go. You will also find Designer Baby Clothes, European Children's Clothing, Organic Baby Clothes, Baby Clothes made in the USA, Baby Bonnets, Baby Sun Hats and Comfortable Children's Shoes.

Unique Children's Clothing
Comfortable Children's Shoes
Baby Bonnets and Sun Hats Children's Cotton Pajamas Children's Raingear
At comfykid.com you will find unique children's clothing starting from premie up to 14 years in some styles. Most of the brands we carry have European designs and are boutique designer clothing
Our comfortable baby and children's shoes have soft rubber soles for healthy foot development and include pediatrician recommended brands such as See Kai Run and Pediped.
Protect your baby's head from the sun's damaging rays with a Baby sun hat or Baby Bonnet. Let's face it, in addition to the practicality of a hat or bonnet, it also make the babies look even more adorable!
Find your children's cotton pajamas here, but wait, you can also find matching ones for yourself! Our family matching pajamas are 100% cotton and very reasonably priced.
It is no reason not to look cute just because it is raining. Children love these fun character themed rain gear collections by Kidorable. The collections include raincoats, rain boots, umbrellas, back packs, towels, mittens ..
Children's Swimwear Children's Accessories: Mittens, Hair Clips, Headbands Organic Baby Clothes Unique Baby Hats Children's Cotton Tights
At comfykid.com you will find adorable looking baby and children's swim wear for your little ones. We also carry sun protective swimwear for babies and toddlers.
Our accessories include No Slippy Hair Clippy hair clips that really stay put in the hair, and a variety of great headbands, mittens and scarfs
We try to find colorful organic baby clothing. The brands we currently have organic clothing from are Zutano, Positively Organic, Zee Spot, Kushies, i-play, My O Baby and Mulberribush
We have a huge selection of winter hats for babies and children. You will find hand knit baby hats, fleece hats, balaclava hats, winter bonnets, wool hats, cotton hats, fun and unique hats
Most of our baby and children's tights are cotton or organic cotton. We have footless tights with ruffled hem, solid tights, printed stights, Country Kids Tights, Tic Tac Toe Tights and Jefferies Socks Tights.
White Girls Dresses Baby Blankets and Blanket Sleepers Bibs Baby Booties Children's Socks
Need a white girls dress for an informal wedding or a photo session, you should be able to find something here. We carry 100% cotton eyelet dresses by Cotton Kids as well as other white children's dresses
Wrap your baby in a soft cotton blanket, a warm and cozy David Fussenegger Cotton Flannel blanket or let your baby get a safe sleep in a Halo sleep sack or wearable blanket.
Colorful cotton bibs by Zutano and fun cotton bibs by Lazy One, these are sure to keep your babies precious clothes from getting stained as well as stimulate him or her with colors and prints
Whether you are looking for the baby booties that never falls of the feet, that warm faux fur lined corduroy bootie, or that hand crocheted precious bootie - your baby is sure to reach for his or her toes in these great booties
Whatever your little girl or boy likes, you should find a pair of Children's socks here that they would like. Here are children's socks with air planes, cars, dinosaurs, dogs, bugs, frogs, flowers, and even sculls.
Fun Stuff for Babies and Children Children's Christmas and Hannukah Clothing Patriotic Children's Clothing and Hats Preemie and Newborn Clothing Designer Baby Clothes
Looking for something fun for your little ones? Here you will find fun baby gifts such as Teddy Bear gifts, Zutano Hip Hoppies and other toys, as well as crocheted back pacs with gunnes, bears and flowers
Getting ready to have your Holiday cards made or need something cute to celebrate the holidays in? Hopefully you can find the perfect Children's Holiday Outfits for Christmas or Hannukah here.
Whether you are just proud to be an American, you love red, white, and blue, or you need something patriotic for 4th of July, you should hopefully find something on our patriotic children's clothing page
Zutano make great newborn clothing starting from 4-7 lbs. These itzy-bitzy Zutano Preemie Clothes are made of 100% cotton and come in a vast variety of prints, colors and styles. Your preemie is sure to look stylish in these outfits!
Here you will find designer baby clothing as well as a vast variety of boutique clorhing and european baby clothes. Whether you need comfortable every day separates like Zutano make or dressier outfits like Giggle Moon, we hope you find something you like here.
Unique Toddler Boy Clothes Unique Toddler Girls Clothing Unique Girls Clothing Boys Clothing 4-7 Youth Clothing 7+
For toddler boys clothing we carry colorful and fun Zutano cotton and french cotton terry separates, as well as fleece. You can also find le top boys clothing, rabbit moon, Mulberribush and CRsports, and CRugged.
For the unique toddler girls clothing we have children's clothing brands such as Jelly the Pug, Giggle Moon, Dreamspun, Isobella and Chloe, Zutano, Mulberribush, Moxie and Mabel and many more
Tired of seeing all the girls looking the same in clothing from department stores? Check out our european children's clothing and unique children's designer clothing brands like Mimi and Maggie, Isobella and Chloe, Giggle Moon, Jelly the Pug and le top.
We apologize for not having more to offer for boys 4-7 years old. We have tried in the past to carry more, but it was not feasable. However, make him happy with a great cotton pajama or fun rain gear!
Not many of the brands we carry make pre-teen clothing above size 6x for pre-teens, or as we like to call them: "screenagers", but on this page we have tried collecting all the clothes that come in size 7 and up.

European Children's Clothing

At Comfykid.com we love European Children's Clothing such as Melton, David Fussenegger, Catimini, Deux par deux, Clayeux, Miniman, Mim-pi and Me Too. These days there are not many companies that make their clothing in Europe, however, there are plenty of European Inspired designs. The following brands use European Designs: Jelly the Pug, Dreamspun, Moxie and Mable, Petit Lem, and Cotton Kids.

Children's Clothing Made in the U.S.A.

It is very hard to find clothing companies that manufacture their children's clothing in the U.S.A. We have found some that do. Some of these have certain itms manufactured in the U.S.A. while some are imported. If it does not say made in the U.S.A. in the description after you click on an item, please contact us to ask if they are made in the U.S.A. These companies are Baby Nay, Giggle Moon, Tralala, Flap Happy, Anita G, Bebemonde, Beary Basics, Blossom Babies, Moxie and Mabel, Sweet Baby Jess, Comfy Knits, Tuff Cookie and some Mulberribush.

Designer Baby Clothing

We carry many brands with great designer baby clothing brands such as Zutano, Giggle Moon, Rabbit Moon, Zaza Couture, Le Top, Isobella and Chloe, Mimi and Maggie and many more.

Children's Boutique Clothing

Most of the children's clothing brands we carry are brands that you will find in boutiques around the country. If there is a line you love that we do not carry, please tell us about it.

Baby Bonnets

We love old fashioned baby bonnets and offer them in summer as well as winter fabrics. If you have a store and would like to carry some of our bonnets, please send us an e-mail. At comfykid you will find beautiful white eyelet bonnets, pink baby bonnets, corduroy bonnets, hand knit bonnets and fleece bonnets, all at a reasonable price.

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