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Twinkle Baby Bonding Dolls

Bonding is the intense attachment that develops between you and your baby. This bonding doll by Twinkle Baby is designed to give babies the sense of being close to their mom and dad. This is how it works; Mom and dad need to sleep with the doll for 2-3 days and the baby will then recognize their scent. This doll fosters a continuous parental bond with a sense of security. The bonding doll will soon be baby's favorite doll.

Twinkle Baby Fuchsia Bonding Doll in Box
The fabric has been hand picked by using the old fashion hug and face test - the dolls are extremely soft and cozy! The Doll is made in Santa Cruz California of Minkee (plush polyester) fabric. The head is filled with polyfil. Measures approx. 17"w x 13"h.
Chocolate Chenille Bonding Doll
Each Chenille Bonding Doll comes packaged in a clear box with Twinkle Baby ribbon


About Twinkle Baby

SANTA CRUZ, CA - There is no greater bond than that of a mother and child; it's an attachment that begins at birth with baby's highly developed sense of smell. A baby's eye sight isn't well enough developed for him/her to recognize his mother's face at birth, but he's immediately able to identify her scent. It's that recognition that prompted a group of nurses attending a baby show to suggest to Lara and Gabriella that Twinkle Baby's adorable, star-shaped dolls would make a perfect bonding doll. As neo-natal nurses, they'd seen first-hand how babies' emotional states changed when their mommies were not around.

Adoptive parents have recently recognized the power of Twinkle Baby's bonding dolls to jump start the bonding process, creating a surge in Twinkle Baby's sales to adoptive parents and a buzz on adoption message boards. Part blanket and part friend, the star-shaped doll helps build a baby's attachment to his new parents and becomes a favorite comfort piece that gives him/her the sense of having mom and dad nearby.

All of Twinkle Baby's signature products are designed and made in Santa Cruz, California. The organization is run solely by Lara, a self-described stay-at-home mom, along with help from her children. In addition to maintaining a very busy schedule with Twinkle Baby and her family, Lara also serves actively on the Board of several other companies where she shares her ideas and lends her expertise on marketing, merchandising, and operations. Lara also donates her products to various charitable organizations for unmarried pregnant women and homeless children.

A recent Press Publication is in 'Made Here Baby' by Bruce H. Wolk. The Essential Guide to finding the Best American-Made Products for Your Kids.

Twinkle Baby has been selected in June for the 2009 Best of Santa Cruz Award in the Baby Goods category by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA).

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