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Zutano Designer Baby Clothes in Front Loader Print

Zutano Front Loader
Matching colors
Front Loader Front Loader Screen Print
Periwinkle Bold Stripe Chambray
Periwinkle Candy Stripe Navy
White Chambray
Matching Fleece
Chambray Cotton Sherpa Red Cotton Sherpa
Periwinkle Cotton Sherpa Navy Cotton Sherpa

Front Loader bulldozes its way onto the baby boy scene, full of all our cool blue colors with a dash of mandarin to spice up the scene. Boys will dig this fun, tough-loving print which shows front loaders making piles of dirt and barreling around a landscape of navy and mandarin cones. This print pairs perfectly with our Chambray Bold Stripe! Your Little man will look handsome in these Zutano designer baby clothes.

Zutano Front Loader Short Sleeve T-shirt
Zutano Periwinkle Front Loader Long Sleeve T-shirt
Zutano Front Loader Long Sleeve T-shirt
Zutano Front Loader Shorts
Zutano Front Loader Pants
Zutano Navy French Terry Cotton Pants
Zutano Front Loader Overalls
Navy French Terry Jacket
Zutano Front Loader
The Front Loader print coordinates great with the solid Chambray, Navy, Periwinkle and White colors, and with the Periwinkle Candy Stripe from the Basics Line. It coordinates well with Navy, Chambray and Periwinkle from the Cozies line and Chambray, Periwinkle, and White from the Velour line.
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