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PVC Free Bibs

PVC Free Bibs. i-play PCV-free Bibs are Absorbent and Waterproof. Babies develop by exploring through their senses and putting everything in their mouths. You can minimize the risk of ingestion by removing PVC from your child's environment. Although Europe and Japan have banned PVC products intended for children under 5, many infant PVC products are still available in the US. i play is continually working to improve their products for children's health and safety, so all of their bibs are now PVC free.

What is PVC? PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a plastic that requires toxic chemicals to make it stable and soft for use in many baby items. Is it harmful to your child? Vinyl chloride is a known human carcinogen. Lead and cadmium, common stabilizers for PVC, are toxic - especially to young children. The plasticizers used to soften PVC, phthalates ("thay-lates"), have been shown to disrupt reproductive funtions. Over time, PVC products break

i-play PVC Free Wash n' Wipe Bibs 12-24 Months
i-play Wash n' Wipe Strawberry Bib PVC-Free
i-play Wash n' Wipe Flower Bib PVC-Free
i-play Wash n' Wipe Turtle Bib PVC-Free
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