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Zutano Designer Baby Clothing in the Florilee Print

Florilee Short Sleeve Dress
Matching colors
Navy Multistripe Zutano Clothing
Periwinkle Zutano Clothing Periwinkle Candy Stripe
Orange Orange Candy Stripe
Lime Lime Candy Stripe
Red Red Candy Stripe
Zutano clothing in solid Navy
Matching Fleece
Navy Cotton Sherpa Red Cotton Sherpa
Perwinkle Cotton Sherpa Tangerine Cotton Sherpa
Cream Cotton Sherpa  

All the warm and colorful feelings of fall come together in this exuberant new Zutano floral. Blues, reds and oranges form a bright and cheery color palette full of hand-drawn flower doodles that invoke the playful spirit of childhood. This Zutano Designer Baby Clothing print is sure to make your litte girl look stylish.

Zutano Florilee and Flora
Zutano Navy Multi Stripe Elf Hat
Zutano Navy Multistripe Beanie

Navy Multistripe Elf Hat

Zutano Florilee Peasant Top
Zutano Florilee Long Sleeve T-shirt
Zutano Orange "Flora" Long Sleeve T-shirt
Zutano Orange "Flora" Short Sleeve T-shirt
Zutano Navy French Terry Cotton Jeans
Zutano Mandarin French Cotton Terry Pant
Zutano Navy Multistripe Pants
Zutano Florilee Pants
Zutano Periwinkle Cotton Sherpa Jacket
Zutano Florilee Long Sleeve Wrap Dress
Zutano Florilee Short Sleeve Dress
Zutano Mandarin Fremch Cotton Terry Bodice Jacket
Zutano Orange Candy Stripe Skinny Leggings
Zutano Orange Skinny Leggings
Zutano Navy Multistripe Pants
Zutano Navy Multistripe Hoodie
Zutano Florilee Bib
The Florilee print coordinates well with the solid Navy, Red, Lime, Orange and Perwinkle from the Baby Basics line. It also matches the Red, Lime, Orange and Perwinkle Candystripes and the Navy Multistripe. It coordinates great with the Navy, Red, Tangerine and Cream colors from the Cozie line and the Lime, Red, Periwinkle and Orange from the Velour line.
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