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Zutano Designer Baby Clothes in Construction print

This hard-working Zutano print is a fantastic new choice for boys! Big, brightly-colored trucks fill up a chocolate ground going to and from construction sites. The illustration style is full of interesting angles reminiscent of a woodcut, making it a playful collection of chunky shapes and textures for baby to explore. The Zutano Baby Clothes in this print not only pairs with our classic Chocolate 5 Color Stripe but can also be mixed with the new Black Bold Stripe. On a pool ground the screen tee features a large dumptruck that little boys will love!

Zutano Construction Print and Big Tipper Screen
Zutano Red Beanie
Zutano Chocolate Beanie
Matching colors
Zutano Construction Clothing    
Zutano Lime Clothing Red  
Chocolate 5 Color Stripe Chocolate  
Black Candy Stripe Black  
Orange Zutano Clothing in Pool Color available at ComfyKid.com  
Matching Fleece
Chocolate Cotton Sherpa Tangerine Cotton Sherpa  
Red Cotton Sherpa Black Cotton Sherpa  
Zutano Black Bold Stripe Fleece Pool Cotton Sherpa  
Zutano Red Jacket
Black Bold Stripe Fleece Jacket
Zutano Black Bold Stripe Cotton Sherpa Hooded Coat
Zutano Chocolate 5 Color Stripe T-shirt
Zutano Black Bold Stripe Pant
Zutano Mandarin French Cotton Terry Pant
Zutano Chocolate French Terry Cotton Pants
Zutano Construction Shorts
Zutano Construction Bib
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