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Zutano Baby Clothes in Beluga Print

Zutano Beluga print

The first of Zutano nautical duo, Beluga makes a splash this season with its friendly fishes and whales. On a navy ground, this cool, blue pattern is full of aquatic activity under the ocean waves--a scuba diver's delight! This print even features a rare breed of mandarin whale; can you spot him? Babies and toddlers alike will have a whale of a time when sporting this fun summer pattern.

Zutano White Beanie
Zutano Periwinkle Beanie
Matching colors
Zutano Beluga
Periwinkle Candy Stripe Zutano Clothing
Zutano Periwinkle Zutano Clothing
Zutano Mandarin
Zutano Crabby
Matching Fleece
Perwinkle Cotton Sherpa
Zutano White Short Sleeve T-shirt
Zutano Beluga Swing Tee
Zutano Periwinkle Short Sleeve T-shirt
Zutano Beluga Shorts
Zutano Mandarin Shorts
Zutano Crabby Pant
Zutano White Sun Hat
Zutano Beluga Sun Hat
Zutano Periwinkle Candy Stripe Sun Hat
Zutano Periwinkle Booties
Zutano Beluga Surplice Dress
Zutano Beluga Surplice Dress
Zutano Beluga Swing Tee
Navy French Cotton Terry Jacket
Zutano Perwinkle Candystripe Skinny Leggings
Zutano White Skinny Legging
Zutano Mandarin Skinny Leggings
Zutano Navy Skinny Leggings
Zutano Periwinkle Candy Stripe Diaper Cover
Zutano White Diaper Cover
Zutano Mandarin French Cotton Terry Pant
Zutano Beluga Bib

The Beluga print coordinates well with the solid Mandarin, Navy, White and Periwinkle colors as well as the Periwinkle Candy Stripe from the Baby Basics line by Zutano.

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