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List of all Zutano Baby Clothes available - largest selection of Zutano clothing on the internet

Jackets - cotton and fleece jackets by zutano
Pants - cotton leggings, skinny leggings and pants by zutano
Overalls - cotton overalls by Zutano
Beanies - cotton beanies, sun hats and fleece hats by Zutano
Short Sleeve Dresses - short sleeve cotton dresses by Zutano
Blankets - cotton and fleece blankets by Zutano
T-shirts - short, and long sleeve cotton T-shirts by Zutano
Footies and Gowns- cotton footies and long sleeve gowns by Zutano
Bodysuits and Sleeveless Rompers- cotton bodysuits and Sleeveless Rompers by Zutano
Diaper Covers by Zutano
Swing Tops, Swing Tees, Sun Bubbles and A-Line Jumpers by Zutano
Booties - cotton and fleece booties by zutano
Long Sleeve Dresses - long sleeve cotton dresses by Zutano
Shorts by Zutano- printed and solid shorts by Zutano
Socks by Zutano
Coveralls by Zutano
Bibs by Zutano

Zutano baby clothing is manufactured from the highest quality, super soft cotton. The colorful, whimsical and original designs are made to be endlessly mixed and matched. Zutano combines elegance, comfort and originality to reflect every baby's unique personality.

Zutano Baby Basics baby clothing is offered in about 90 different prints, stripes and solids and Comfykid carries almost all of it. Zutano Cozies baby clothes are made of cotton rich fleece and is snuggly soft and cozy. It will keep your baby warm and is fun to mix and layer with Zutano Baby Basics. The Cozies come in 12 different colors: aqua, black, chambray, cream, chocolate, fuchsia, moss, navy, periwinkle, pink, red and tangerine. These are the styles we have available from the Zutano fleece line: Zutano fleece hats, Zutano fleece jackets, Zutano fleece pants, Zutano fleece overalls, Zutano fleece zutsuits, Zutano fleece booties, Zutano fleece Elf Onezie, and Zutano fleece applique pullovers.

Zutano Velour baby clothes are made of cotton rich velour and is very soft and comfortable. We carry the velour in 8 styles and 8 colors. Zutano velour is available in aqua, black, chambray, fuchsia, lime, orange, periwinkle and pink. These styles are currently available: Zutano velour mandarin jackets, Zutano velour pants, Zutano velour beanie, Zutano velour long sleeve dress, Zutano velur coverall, Zutano velour monkey or mouse hat, and Zutano velour crew necks.

Zutano's lovable Hip Hoppy bunny is made of the cuddliest cotton fleece. Boy and girl bunnies come in cream and chocolate versions wearing miniature Zutano clothing.

Good Dog is likely to become baby's most loyal friend. He is made of rich chocolate colored soft snugly cotton sherpa and he is 10" tall.

Zutano was founded by designer and art director Uli and professional photographer Michael Belenky. The idea came to them after having their first daughter in 1989 and they could not find much other than pink and blue in the children's clothing market. They are now based in Cabot, Vemont and their unique clothing line is now well known to all of us who have babies in our lives as being the most comfortable, fun and colorful clothes to dress our babies in.

Zutano strives to support a nurturing world for babies to come into and generously donates from their proceeds to various good causes. Some examples include Educational enrichment programs for children, reproductive rights to women, end childhood hunger, better healthcare programs, regional scholarship fund, breast feeding educational programs, clothing drives and non profit support. Each year we receive a holiday card from Zutano informing us that they donated money to Save the Children in our name. Everyone who purchased Zutano clothing for their little loved ones made this possible. Thank you all!


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