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Baby and Child Hair Clips that stay on

Mom's Little Sweet Pea hair clips for babies and children are all hand made. All baby and child hair clip designs are available on snap clips or alligator clips. For the finest hair the snap clips stay in the hair the best and for a little older girl the alligator clips are great. Carrie Yourk is a stay at home Mom, and in her very limited spare time, she makes these hair clips. She started making them for a few reasons...First, her daughter was born practically bald. She grew tired of people mistaking her for a boy, and most clips would not stay in her thin hair. Secondly, she was spending a small fortune on the very few clips that would stay in her hair. So, she did some research of products already on the market, and began making just a few. Very quickly she became addicted, making a clip to match every outfit! She did a few local craft shows, and received a great response. She is so happy to have found something that she really enjoys doing, that allows her to be creative, keep from going insane, and all while she still am home with her daughter

Brown and Pink Stripe with White Rose Baby Alligator Hair Clip
Child Hair Clip Pink/Brown Stripe with Pink Felt Flower
Childrens Brown Polka Dot w/Fuchsia Felt Flower Alligator Clip
Moms Little Sweet Pea Brown Polka Dot with Fuchsia Felt Flower Snap Clip
Please supervise any little ones that may handle the clip as it could be a choking hazard. All clips are designed with safety in mind, but as with all small objects, keep from young childrens' mouths.
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