Girl 2-4X
Isobella and Chloe
Isobella and Chloe- Isobella and Chloe Dresses - Isobella and Chloe unique girls clothing balances feminine sophistication and fun in all its casual, semi-dressy, and special occasion dresses. Dresses available in infant and big girl sizes.
Jelly the Pug
Jelly the Pug - Adorable cotton dresses for girls in bright fun fabrics and styles. Spring 2011 collections are printed Turguoise Daisies with Red Polka Dot contrasting fabric as well as Pink floral fabrics. A little bit Retro, A lot of fun!
Dreamspun Girls Dresses
Dreamspun Clothing have a beautiful European feel to them. They are fun and frilly and made in the U.S.A. of 100% cotton. Your little girl will love the sophistication of Dreamspun clothing.
Zutano Toddler Basics Clothing
Zutano Toddler - At last! A selection of Zutano's favorite prints and solids, in three of their stylish fabrications, SIZED UP! to fit children up to size 4. This group of classic cotton interlock, fleece Cozie and elegant Velour styles can be mixed and matched together to create the perfect outfit for your little ones!
Giggle Moon Clothing

Giggle Moon Clothing is made in the U.S.A. with expert craftmanship and fine detailing, trims, and ruffles of Super Soft Premium 100% Cotton Knits with a slight stretch. All Giggle Moon Clothing are machine washable and tumble dry. Mission: To make Mommy's ( daddy's too) happy and proud to show off their precious little gifts from God!

Catimini Clothing

Catimini - a popular French line of unique girls clothing that will have your baby showered with compliments as their unique designs are filled with fun and georgeous details. Catimini Clothing is unique and colorful and desingen in Europe. We carry Catimini clothing up to size 4. years)
CR Kids Clothing
CR Kids - Cotton Resources Kids Clothing by Globaltex offer well priced cotton clothes featuring bright, colorful prints, beautiful embroidery work and fun appliques.
Cotton Kids Girls Dresses
Cotton Kids - Hard to find European designed Cotton Dresses with sweet Embroideries and beautiful Prints (Girls 3 months to size 12}.
Zaza Couture Clothing for Girls
Za Za Couture - is a Dallas based company that specializes in very cool contemporary apparel for girls infant through size 12.  They go to the fabric markets in Europe every season and buy unique fabrics that make them stand apart from the competition.  They come back to  the United States and design these fabrics into styles that girls of all ages don't want to be without!
Hopscotch Designes Vintage Inspired Children's Clothing
Hopscotch Designs - Vintage Inspired girls Dresses and Coats made with colorful fabrics and sewing patterns inspired by past generations.
Baby Nay Clothing for Girls
Baby Nay - a very popular line of fashionable kids clothes. Cute prints amd fun styles (Girls 3 mos. to size 6X/7).
Tralala Children's Clothing
Tralala -50% OFF SALE! a precious line of chldrens clothing featuring unique and beautiful French vintage prints (Girls sizes 3 months to 6 years).
Me to Danish Childrens Wear
Me Too Danish Childrens wear is known for its bright and colorful designs. Me Too Danish design is for small kids who care what to wear.
Deux par deux for Toddler Girls
Duex par Duex clothing is styled flamboyantly with European inspirations. They are of superior quality, decorated with amusing designs and playful messages, and punctuated with sparkling colors. Made from ultra-comfortable, cozy materials, Deux par Deux fashions are perfectly suited for the active lives of children. Deux par Deux is a Canadian Clothing company.
Ruffle Butts Playground Shorts, Diaper Covers and Bloomers
RuffleButts Playground Shorts, Bloomers, Diaper Covers, Ruffled Leggings, Pants and T-shirts as well as precious Tutus.
Posh Baby Ballet Bodysuits and Tutudresses
Posh Baby Tutu Dresses and Tutu Bodysuits - dress you sweet ballerina princess in these affordable cute tutu outfits.
Danica and Dylan
Danica and Dylan - Danica and Dylan Clothing is colorful and vibrant - Danica and Dylan girls Dresses, Tops and Leggings are sure to make a fashion statement.
Zutano Collectibles Clothing
Zutano Collectibles this exclusive collection walks the line of fun and fashion. A handsomely exuberant, fashion-forward line specially designed for its target audience - children! Available from size 12 months to 6 years.
C'est la vie clothing
C'est la vie - a line of European style clothing at incredibly low prices. C'est la vie kids clothes are made with bright, fun colors and have intricate detailing, embroidery work, appliques and artistic stitching. Boy and Girl clothes ages 3 months to 3X(4T). Made with natural fabrics. C'est la vie is French and means "That is life/Such is life" (That's just the way things are).
Hartstrings Stylish Girls Clothing
Hartstrings childrens clothing for boys and girls. Beautiful Cotton Dresses, Tights, Cardigans, Capri Sets, Sweaters and girls Raincoats and Umbrellas. (Girls 12 months to size 6X).
Young Colors Clothing
Young Colors - This fun, innovative brand brings cute products with cultural flair to the children's industry with playful colors and hand-designed motifs.
Absorba Girl Clothing
Absorba Girl Clothes - Now 2- to 50% off - Absorba is renowed for its esquisite details, beautiful embroideries, superlative fabrics and up-to-the-minute fashion, all designed to take babies from cradle to kindergarten in timeless fashion.
Bebemonde Dress
Bebemonde - Adorable high quality cotton clothing in soft pastels. Gorgeous attention to detail, made in the USA.
le top Toddler Girl Clothes
le top - high quality unique childrens clothing that will make you wish you were a kid again!
Rabbit Moon Toddler Girl Clothing
rabbit moon - clothing that reflects comfort and ease with a perfect yet simple blend of innovation and style. With an international flair, rabbit moon employs the finest fabrics to produce clothing that can meet the strictest demands for quality while still maintaining the comfort and durability needed for today's contemporary lifestyle.
Flap Happy Clothing
Flap Happy Fall and Winter Clothing - cotton knit dresses, skirts, t-shirts, pants, coats and berets for kids
Flap Happy Spring and Summer Clothing
Flap Happy Spring and Summer Clothing cotton knit dresses with matching accessories (12 months to size 12).
Mim-pi Clothing
Mim-Pi unique childrens clothing are made of the most beautiful fabrics, manufactured with rich prints, applications and embroideries. Mim-Pi is made of the best quality cotton and lycra. And last but not least, the Mimpi collection is affordable. Mim-Pi is a Dutch European Childrens Clothing brand from Holland. Girls size 2-8.
Mulberribush Clothing
Mulberribush kids clothes are made with quality fabrics, are durable and very well priced. Mulberribush clothes have fun whimsical graphics that are inspired by children's songs, nursery rhymes and games.
Petit Lem European Designed Clothing
Petit Lem is European designed Children's Clothing at affordable prices. They have exquisite details and use soft natural fabrics. Available in sizes 3 months through size 7.
Nohi Organic Children's Clothing
Nohi Organic Children's Clothing in bright fun colors and stylish designs. Organic Kids Clothing that are Lead-Free, great for sensitive skin and naturally protects from UV rays.
Mimi & Maggie
Mimi and Maggie strive to keep the “handmade” touch that adds individuality to each garment and Mimi and Maggie unique girls clothing are designed inspired by the little girl with laughter in her eyes, fire in her spirit, love in her heart and dance in her feet. Mimi & Maggie find inspiration in the individuality of children and their art. They honor their free spirits, joy of discovery and happiness in the simple pleasures of life.
Peaches n Cream
Peaches 'N Cream is a fusion of Southern traditions, charm and spunk and dazzles with a colorful range of soft cotton girls clothing
Chit-Chat Clothing
Chit-Chat is a line of uniquely designed infant and toddler clothing at a great price point. Chit Chat clothes are made by Canadian Kidswear Inc. The garments are often decorated with sequins and often use unusual fabrics like chiffon.
Girls Sailor Dress
Good Lad - Girls Sailor Dresses/ Nautical Dresses w/Matching Doll Dress
Girlfriends Clothing by Anita G.
Girlfriends Clothing by Anita G - reasonably priced, quality girl clothes made in the U.S.A. from unique cotton prints which are comfortable for kids to wear and easy for moms to take care of. A portion of Anita G's proceeds goes to support children's charities. (Girls sizes 12 months to 6X).
Haven Girl Trendy Clothing for Girls
HavenGirl - the hippest and latest trends in children's fashion with features like intricate beadwork, studs, sequins, jewels, ribbons, and lace decorations. (Girls size 2 to 12 years)
Beary Basics Girls Dresses and Sun Bubbles
Beary Basics unique girls clothing are very colorful and fun with dots, stripes and flowers. All Beary Basics' dresses are made of 100% cotton. Designer Baby Products made in the USA. Beary Basics Kids Sun Dresses.
Sweet Baby Jess Clothing
Sweet Baby Jess - unique high quality girls clothing with beautiful detailing, embroidery work and crocheted lace. Matching hats make these outfits hard to resist. Sweet Baby Jess clothes are made in the U.S.A. of 100% cotton and are delicate and feminine in their design. Available for girls 3 months through 4T.
Dana & Annika  Kids Dresses
Dana & Annika - Cotton Girls Dresses feature beautiful styles and colorful embroideries. If you need a perfect picture or sun dress, a Dana and Annika dress is a great choice, priced at only only $27.50 each. Dana and Annika dresses are available in sizes 2, 4 and 6.
Positively Organic Clothing and Accessories
Positively Organic - combine earth-friendly materials, sweatshop-free & fair trade manufacturing with bold graphics, bright colors and hip yet simple designs. Toddler and baby clothes for girls and boys made from certified organic cotton.
Beetlejuice Skirt and Top
Beetlejuice - a variety of fun, colorful and unique designer clothing with detailed work (Girls 6 mos. to 10 years)
Shilav Clothing
Shilav - soft and comfortable children's clothing made in deligthtful styles of 100% cotton (Boys and Girls 6 mos. to size 6)
Ma Petite Amie - a gorgeous line of Imported White Bali Lace Primissima Cotton Dresses - Hand Cut and Embroidered (Girls 3 months to size 7)
Clayeux Clothing
Clayeux - a popular French line known for exquisite knit outfits (Girls and boys 3 months to 4 years). Clayeux applies its considerable "savoir-faire" to the choice of yarns used in their knitted products. The knitting is done at the factory of Clayeux, in the Burgundy area, in France.
Green Sprouts Organic Bamboo Yoga set
Green Sprouts Organic Bamboo Clothes - Itsy Bitsy Organic Bamboo Yoga Clothes for Babies, Infants and Toddlers. Bamboo - Naturally Organic and Eco Friendly. Wearing bamboo is healthy because it wicks away moisture and is naturally hypoallergenic, UV protective and soft next to baby's skin.
Pediped Flex shoes
Pediped Flex shoes combine comfort, quality and style into a shoe that is podiatrist-recommended. Pedipeds shoes are a smart choice for parents concerned with the long-term development of their children's feet. Exceptionally soft, flexible soles and uppers help to provide healthy foot development. Pediped footwear is "the next best thing to bare feet".
Squeaky Shoes - Squeaky Shoes from Squeaker Sneakers and Rainbow Steps
Wee Squeak Squeaky Mary Janes
Wee Squeak Squeaky Shoes help crawlers walk and walkers run. Safety feature of knowing where your kid is in crowds should he/she scramble out of your hand. Just listen for the squeaking noise! With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, these children's shoes are a great gift idea as well as a way to help children learn to walk properly without even realizing they're being taught.
Wee Squeak Children's Boots
Rainbow Steps Squeaky Shoes
Pipsqueaks/Pippytoes - These shoes are made of luxurious, soft leather with pigskin leather lining and padded collars. The soles are made with rubber and are very flexible and durable. Some of these adorable shoes make a cute litte squeak everytime your little one takes a step! Squeaky tube is removable from the sole of the shoe.
Rainbow Steps Children's Shoes
Rainbow Steps Kids Shoes - Colorful Kids Shoes with Genuine Leather Upper and Leather Lined. Great designs. Children's Shoes Sizes 6 to Young Adult Size 2 .
Bebemonde White Patent Mary Jane w/Pink Flower
Bebemonde - Adorable white patent Mary Jane with pink ribbon flower and white canvvas shoe with crochet roses.
Hand Knit Children's Hats
2 H Hand Knits - Hand Knit Baby Hats and Hand Knit Childrens Hats, Cotton Beanies, Berets etc. for Babies and Children up to size 8.
Tuff Cookie Fleece Hats
Tuff Cookie Clothing Company is a family owned business based in Falmouth on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. When designing a line they try to capture the playful, energetic, and whimsical nature of childhood. They use the highest quality USA made fleece. They love fleece for its durability, comfort, coziness, warmth, and vibrant color palette. Their garments are produced in Massachusetts, in a clean and safe factory environment, staffed by skilled seams people, who are paid a fair living wage.
Kidorable Hat and Scarf Set
KidorableGirls Gloves
Kidorable - adorable hat and scarf sets, mittens, gloves, t-shirts and hooded towels.
Hand and Heart Hand Crotcheted Hat and Accessories
Hand & Heart - Cute and Colorful Hand Crocheted Cotton Baby and Toddler Hats and Backpacks.
Hand and Heart Hand Crotcheted Backpack
Hand and Heart Hand Corcheted Backpack
Me Too Danish Childrenswear is known for its bright and colorful designs. Me Too Danish design is for small kids who care what to wear.
Catimini Hat and Scarf Set
Catimini - a popular French line that makes gorgeous Hat and Scarf Sets, some with matching mittens.
Melton Danish Designs Childrens Hats
Melton Children's Winter Hats - a beautiful and broad collection of Melton Children's Hats and Mittens made from good quality cotton, wool and jersey for warmth and comfort on your childs head. Colorful Danish designs that are reversible with a stripe or print on one side and a solid color on the other.
Flap Happy Hats
Flap Happy - a great variety of hats designed specifically to keep the sun's damaging rays out of your baby's face and neck (Boys and Girls 0-6 months up to age 7 years)
Kidorable Ladybug Sun Hat
Kidorable - for the sun or just for fun (Boys and Girls 6 months to 6 years)
Hand and Heart Hand Knit Hat
Hand & Heart - Cute and Colorful Hand Crocheted Cotton Baby and Toddler Hats and Backpacks.
i-play Cotton Sun Hat
i-play Sun Protective hats Sun protective Baby and Child , Flap and Floppy Hats made from specially treated fabric with a UV Protection Factor of 50+.
No Slippy Hair Clippy
No Slippy Hair Clippy - Baby and Children's Hair Clips that are beautifully hand crafted, and guaranteed not to slip or slide in even a few strands of delicate hair. Each hair clip is fully wraped in the highest-quality Swiss Velvet, so it's soft against your daughter's head, and a small, safe magnet is tucked under the velvet for a secure clasp. The No Slippy Hair Clippy is the finest hair clip on the market today.
Buds and Bows Headband and Beanies
Buds and Bows - Colorful crochet headbands with flowers decorated in sequins, rhinestones, and beads. Versatile cotton crocheted beanies with adjustable ribbons and removable flower hair clips. For infants and children up to age 6.
Child Hair Clip
Mom's Little Sweet Pea - Baby and Children's hair clips that really stay on.
Vitamins Clothing
Vitamins Kids provide some of the best designs, highest quality and greatest prices for Playwear.
Kidorable -Who says your kids can't have fun just because it is raining? These fun rain coats, boots, back packs, umbrellas and purses are sure to bring joy to your little ones (Boys and Girls sizes 12-18 months, and sizes 2T-6X coat, Children's 5 upto youth size 2 boot).
Kidorable New Fairy Rainjacket
Kidorable New Fairy Rainboots
Kidorable New Fairy Backpack
The English Roses is Madonna's first book for children. It's a heart- warming story about a young girl learning how to fit in and and make new friends. It is also a stylish and exciting new line of rain gear from Kidorable inspired by the best-selling book.

English Roses designed by Madonna

Kushies Rainwear - soft, light weight rain jackets and pants in fun colors for infants and toddlers sizes 6 months to 36 months. Fully lined with breatable cotton and mesh.
Apple Green Rain Jacket and Pants by Kushies
Lazy One - Cotton Summer Pajama for Kids and matching for Adults
LazyOne Summer Pajamas
LazyOne - Cotton Pajamas - Mom and kids coordinating pajamas made with the finest quality 100% cotton at affordable prices. Matching children's and adult pajamas with funny phrases and Azo-free dyes. Cotton sleepwear with original--and strangely endearing--designs of wacky wildlife. PJ's with matching socks and blankets.
LazyOne Cotton Pajamas
Organic Cotton Children's Pajamas
New Jammies Organic Cotton Children's Pajamas
Absorba flame resistant blanket sleepers with non skid fabric under the feet and zippers that go all the way down to make it easy to put on/take off. Fabric and fit are important safety considerations for children's sleepwear. Sleepwear should be flame resistant or snug-fitting to meet U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission sleepwear requirements. Sizes 12 months to 4T.
Absorba flame resistant blanket sleepers
Halo SleepSacks The Big Kid's SleepSack wearable blanket was designed for toddler's nighttime comfort and routine. It helps prevent kids from kicking off their blankets, so they stay warm and comfortable all night long! Foot openings provide mobility and comfort for Toddler.
Halo Sleep Sacks
Rash -Guards
Sunshield by i-play
i-play Sun Protective Wear Sun protective Baby and Child Rash guards, Sunsuits, Swim wear, Flap and Floppy Hats made from specially treated fabric with a UV Protection Factor of 50+.
Flap Happy Pink Sun UPF 50+ Rash Guard
Flap Happy Sun UPF 50+ Rash Guard Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+. UPF ratings range from 15 to 50. Fabrics that rate higher than 50 are rated 50+. This rash guard is made in the USA of 80% nylon, 20% spandex.
Jefferies Children's Tights
Jefferies Tights - Children's tights in cotton and organic cotton - lots of fantastic solid colors as well as fun prints, stripes, hearts and dots.
Country Kids Capri Tights
Country Kids - Country Kids high quality childrens heavy cotton sweater tights are especially made for the harshest of winters. These soft, winter weight tights are knit with the coziest corespun cotton to ensure that only the natural cotton fibers touch your child's skin. Cotton covered Lycra makes these the best fitting and most comfortable tights available. Country Kids cotton tights are made to be fun and funky while practical and stylish. (0-24 months, and 1 to 11 years)
Tic Tac Toe Cotton Children's Tights
Tic Tac Toe - seamless toe Cotton Tights for kids that really lasts! They have graduated legs, shaped feet, comfortable waistband, flat seems and handlinked toe seems. They are made of 76% cotton, 21% polyamide and 3% elastan
Country Kids Socks
Country Kids - Fun and funky while practical and stylish, these socks are sure to be a kick!
Tic Tac Toe Red Flower Socs with Ladybug
Tic Tac Toe - great quality Children's socks with unique, fun designs that the kids love and the parents think are too cute. Non Skid.
Zutano - Fun colorful socks that stay on kids' feet, many fun designs to choose from
Zutano Socks
Kidorable - Jumbo Towels, T-shirts, Beanies, Scarfs and Mittens (Boys and Girls Newborn to size10/12).
Kidorable hooded towels
Posh Ballerina Tutu's and Leotards
Posh - Tutus, Children's Dance Costumes, Ballet Dresses and Leotards for Children. Ballerina outfits for Girls who love to dance. Girls love to dress-up, find all your kid's dress-up needs here.
le top - high quality and fun cotton swim suits that will make you wish you were a kid again!
le top Swim Wear
Flap Happy - cotton swim suits, one pieces as well as tankinies (2T to size 12).
Flap Happy Jungle Floral Swim Wear
Swimwear by Anita G - High quality swim suits in unique colors and patterns made in the USA.
Swimwear by Anita G
i-play Sun Protective Swim Wear UPF50+ stretchy lycra with built-in Ultimate Swim Diaper. Straps criss-crosses in the back. Cute ruffle on the front and on the back. Comes with Fuchsia Hawaian flower hair clip.
CR Kids Plaid Fish Daisy Dots Two Piece Swim Suit
Plaid Fish - well priced swim wear for kids size 12 months to size 6x. Plaid Fish Girls Swim Suits are colorful and cute.
Rico Handknit Aqua Sea Cotton Bolero
Rico Handknits - Hand Knit Cotton Sweaters (Boys and girls 6 mos. to size 6)
Sweet Potatoes Dress
Sweet Potatoes - Two Turtle Doves - Cute Dresses and White Cotton Petticoats and Pantaloons (Girls 3 mos. to size 6X)
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