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Teddy Bears Baby Gifts - Baby Bow

Teddy Bears Baby Gifts by Baby Bow. Soft Plush Baby Teddy Bears of Cotton Velour, Teddy Bear Blankets, Teddy Bear Rattle Toys and Musical Crib Toys. Incredibly Low Prices!!

Soft Teddy Bears for Baby that come in beautiful Gift Boxes

3 piece Gift Set Security Blanket, Soft Teddy Bear and Teddy Bear Rattle
Musical Mother and Baby Octopus Crib Toy
The Bear Funtime Gift Set is all baby needs for hours of endless fun! This baby gift set includes a soft multicolor bear blanket to keep baby warm, a cuddly plush bear to keep baby company, and a bear rattle to stimulate baby's sense of sound and motor skills. These baby daytime essentials are made of 100% cotton velour and come in a round gift box. Size: Security Blanket: 10" x 10" ,
Bear Softy Toy: 8"H, Bear Rattle: 6"H
This mother & baby octopus musical toy can be used to lull baby to sleep in cot or just to amuse baby while baby is laying down. Tinkling music, eye catching colors and embroidered accents will hold baby's attention, while the smiling octopus face is sure to delight! Measures 10" tall
Yellow Blanket and Teddy Bear Yellow Blanket and Harlequin Bear Gift Set $22.00
2 Piece Harlequin Bear Gift Sets w/Gift Box
Blue Blanket and Teddy Bear Blue Blanket and Harlequin Bear Gift Set $22.00
2 Piece Harlequin Bear Gift Sets (Gift Boxed)
This 2 piece baby gift set is a great shower gift to take to a baby shower. The bear plush toy is delightfully quirky with tassels and mismatched color trim, and the ultra soft fleece blanket with satin trim is sure to keep baby warm. Dimensions: Fleece Blanket with Satin Trim: 30" x 20" . Bear Plush: 8" H
Naptime Bear (Gift Boxed) The ultimate bedtime companion for your little one. This bear soft toy is made of dreamy ultra soft cotton velour with matching pjs and hat in pastel colors. With an embroidered face and internal rattle, this plush bear is irresistible and huggable! It measures 8"H.
Pink Naptime Bear w/Gift Box

Baby Bow Quality and Safety Commitment

Recent headlines about toys containing potentially dangerous substances have retailers and consumers alike concerned about the safety of products originating from China.  At BabyBow, your child's safety is important to us, and we guarantee that all our products are manufactured under strict controlled conditions, and that the products are designed to meet or exceed all applicable U.S. and international safety regulations and standards.

The regulations we adhere to include those such as the Federal Hazardous Substances Act which specifies safety requirements for children's products, and the ASTM toy safety standard F963 which specifies additional safety requirements for toy products. These standards incorporate Federal requirements for painted and decorated surfaces specifying the maximum allowable amount of lead, as well as the maximum allowable levels for seven other heavy metals that could potentially be harmful to children.

Other regulations and standards we follow include those for flammability of products, phthalates in PVC, and the maximum allowable limits for heavy metals in packaging materials to minimize environmental pollution.

Tests are continually performed during product development and throughout the manufacturing process, both within the factory as well as in independent testing laboratories, to ensure that our products comply with all applicable regulations, standards and guidelines.

Our quality and safety commitments are at the forefront of our company values, and we make every effort to protect children from harm while using or playing with our products.

About Baby Bow

Babybow by Darwin Creations LLC was created out of the desire for quality, unique products for the ones most precious to mothers and fathers worldwide.  Over the years Babybow has grown, striving to bring more to our customers as we embark on numerous projects which are close to heart.  Explore our website to find out more about our mission, values, commitment to our customers and products we have to offer.

Our mission is to embody the tenderness and love every infant should be entitled to.

Our commitment to childhood development and individuality is apparent in all aspects of our business practices.  We aim to build and operate a business that not only generates value for its stakeholders, but also embraces positive moral values and demonstrates a sense of social responsibility.

We strive for extraordinary attention to detail, exceptional quality, and unique, whimsical designs which catch the eye and are soft to touch.  We hope that our toys and clothing become an integral part of your baby's development, and that each item recalls a precious childhood memory or memories, and serves in the future as a reminder of priceless moments past.

We believe that a business should respect and preserve the environment and community through respectful sustainable practices which are integrated from the very first idea, through the production line and up till it reaches the consumer.


Care instructions for soft baby toys

All of our baby soft toys can be surface washed. If the item is not particularly dirty, you may choose to surface wash the baby soft toy even though it can safely go into the washing machine. Do not soak for extended periods of time.

Care Instructions for Machine Wash

Babybow recommends placing any washable baby soft toys into a delicate laundry bag when  machine washing. This will help the baby soft toy retain its shape. Alternatively, you may place the baby soft toy in a pillowcase and tie the ends of the pillowcase shut prior to placing in the washing machine.

We recommend washing toys in cold water with the machine on a gentle or delicate cycle. Use a mild detergent and do not use bleach. Allow to air dry.

Always wash the baby soft toys with similar colored fabric / clothing.

All of our baby musical toys can only be surface washed. These musical toys should not go into a washing machine. Clean the baby musical toys by gently wiping and blotting with a sponge or cloth using warm water and a small amount of mild soap. Allow the baby musical toys to air dry.

We want your child's clothing to look as good and last as long as the happy memories that will accompany them. The symbols below describe the recommended cleaning methods for the garments.


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