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Baby Nay

Chocolate/Pink Cute as a Bug Cord. Ruffle Dress
On Sale: $ 36.00
Beary Basics Floral Skulls Cord. Ruffle Dress
On Sale: $ 36.00
Beary Basics Peach Dandy Ruffle Dress w/Tie
On Sale: $ 37.20
Beary Basics French Country Ruffle Dress
On Sale: $ 37.20
Beary Basics Chocolate and Red Ruffle Dress w/Tie
On Sale: $ 37.20
Bebemonde White Chiffon Dream Lap Shoulder Dress
On Sale: $ 39.20
Bebemonde Crimson Dots Tule Lap Shoulder Dress
On Sale: $ 40.00
Baby Nay Everyday Nay Vintage Paisley Long Sl. Dress
On Sale: $ 42.40
Baby Nay Bianca Bella Fleur Long Sleeve Dress
On Sale: $ 52.80
Baby Nay Chocolate Sherbert Kate Corduroy Dress
On Sale: $ 56.00
Baby Nay Long Sleeve Chocolate Sherbert Jessie Dress
On Sale: $ 31.20
Catimini "Premiers Jours" Long Sleeve Dress
On Sale: $ 46.80
Catimini Urban Framboise Dress w/Striped Sleeves
On Sale: $ 55.44
Catimini Spirit Ethnique Fuchsia Corduroy Jumper Dre
On Sale: $ 53.13
Catimini SPIRIT COLEUR Fuchsia Dress w/Appliques
On Sale: $ 60.72
Catimini FX Labo Rouge Vermil Dress
On Sale: $ 60.72
Catimini AP-SPIRIT COLEUR Red and Violet Dress 12m
On Sale: $ 60.72
Catimini Fuchsia Smart Kitty Long Sleeve Dress
On Sale: $ 55.44
Catimini FR-SPIRIT ETHNIQUE Fuchsia Bubble Dress
On Sale: $ 60.72
Catiimini AN-LABO Black Jumper Dress and Shirt Set
On Sale: $ 64.68
Catimini "Miss Cati" Jumper Dress (12mos.)
On Sale: $ 40.80
Cotton Kids Retro Flower Power Empire Corduroy Dress
On Sale: $ 36.00
Cotton Kids 3D Rose Top Empire Dress w/Cord Skirt
On Sale: $ 37.32
Cotton Kids Owls on a Branch Tiered Corduroy Dress
On Sale: $ 46.60
Cotton Kids Love Birds Empire Baby Dress 0-24 mos.
On Sale: $ 36.80
Cotton Kids Folk Tales Girls Corduroy Empire Dress
On Sale: $ 39.20
Cotton Kids Winter Roses Low Waisted Girls Dress
On Sale: $ 34.40
Cotton Kids Cute Monkey Corduroy Girls Dress
On Sale: $ 35.60
Cotton Kids Winter Garden Cord Flower Dress
On Sale: $ 46.22
Cotton Kids Woodland Owl Cotton Knit Dress
On Sale: $ 46.22
Cotton Kids Autumn Charm Embroidered Leaf Dress
On Sale: $ 41.60
Cotton Kids Raspberry Embroidered Cord Dress
$ 56.40
Cotton Kids Bird and Flowers Cord Tier Dress
On Sale: $ 35.20
Clayeux "Plum" Dress w/Embroideries (3mos.)
On Sale: $ 62.60
Clayeux knit dress with tiered floral skirt (3mos.)
On Sale: $ 67.20
CR Kids Yoke Neck Heather Grey Floral Tier Dress
On Sale: $ 23.70
CR Kids Henna Inspired Tiered Dress (5 yrs)
On Sale: $ 18.00
CR Kids Leopard Rose Tiered Dress
On Sale: $ 21.00
deux par deux Fairies Believer Printed Jersey Dress
On Sale: $ 35.40
deux par deux Almond Blossom Knit Dress w/Tights Set
On Sale: $ 43.20
deux par deux Magic Circus Sweater Dress
On Sale: $ 43.80
deux par deux Pink Demoiselle Jersey Dress
On Sale: $ 26.40
deux par deux Little Girl Demoiselle Knit Dress
On Sale: $ 33.90
deux par deux Fana de Chocolat Sweater Dress
On Sale: $ 36.00
deux par deux Hors Serie Knit Dress w Stitched Flowe
On Sale: $ 37.20
deux par deux Let it Snow Steele Grey Knit Dress
On Sale: $ 36.00
Zutano Fuchsia French Cotton Terry Loop Dress
$ 39.95
Zutano Pagoda French Cotton Terry Loop Dress
On Sale: $ 36.95