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CR Kids Yellow Striped Sun Dress w/Flowers
On Sale: $ 15.00
CR Kids Fuschia/White Large Flower Tank
On Sale: $ 9.30
CR Kids Tank Top w/Pink, Brown and Green Flowers
On Sale: $ 8.70
CR Kids New Blue Patchwork Shirt (5/6 yrs)
On Sale: $ 17.00
CR Kids Chocolate Brown Knit Gaucho Pant
On Sale: $ 10.80
CR Kids Pink Tutu Skirt
On Sale: $ 15.30
CR Kids Pink Smocked Bubble Tunic w/Ruching
On Sale: $ 18.00
CR Kids Pink Capris Leggings with Ruching
On Sale: $ 13.50
CR Kids Stone Twill Shorts (2T)
On Sale: $ 16.20
CR Sport Navy Patchwork Shorts
On Sale: $ 20.80
CRKids Stripe Turtleneck Sweater w/Tie (2T)
On Sale: $ 12.25
CR Sport Patchwork Fire Truck Tee
On Sale: $ 16.80
CRKids Chocolate Brown Leggings w/Lace Trim
On Sale: $ 11.95
CR Kids Fuchsia Tier Dress w/Polkadots and Bows
On Sale: $ 28.80
CR Kids White Tier Dress w/Polkadots and Bows
On Sale: $ 28.80
CR Kids White Eyelet Trim Tank Top
On Sale: $ 11.10
CR Kids Lilac Floral Ruffle Dress
On Sale: $ 18.90
CR Kids Purple Dip Dye Butterfly Ruffle Tier Hem Top
On Sale: $ 16.80
CR Kids Floral Butterfly Delight Capri Pants
On Sale: $ 11.10
CR Kids White w/Godets Skirt
On Sale: $ 17.10
CR Sport Light Brown Cargo Shorts
On Sale: $ 16.00
CR Kids Colorful Dots Tiered Dress (4T)
On Sale: $ 15.60
CR Kids Cream Owl Tunic
On Sale: $ 17.40
CR Kids Silver and Black Paisly Screen Tunic Top
On Sale: $ 16.20
CR Kids Cream Ruffle Top
On Sale: $ 13.20
CR Kids Plaid Fish Color Block Swim Shorts
On Sale: $ 17.60
CR Kids Slate Skinny Jean Leggings or Jeggings
On Sale: $ 16.50
CR Kids Black Stripe Tunic with Vest
On Sale: $ 18.90
CR Sport Navy Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
On Sale: $ 14.00
CRKids Fuchsia Cotton Tank Top
On Sale: $ 6.48
CRKids Flower and Polka Dot Print Skort (2T)
On Sale: $ 11.75
CR Kids Fuchsia Skinny Leggings
On Sale: $ 8.55
CR Kids Fuchsia Print Tiered Dress
On Sale: $ 18.00
CR Kids Cream Floral Print Drop Waist Short Dress
On Sale: $ 15.60
CR Kids Henna Inspired Tiered Dress (5 yrs)
On Sale: $ 18.00
CR Kids Pink Skinny Legging
On Sale: $ 8.55
CR Sports Orange Arachnid Tee w/Spider Web
On Sale: $ 15.40
CR Kids Floral Tiered Dress w/Smocked Top
On Sale: $ 17.50
CR Kids Black and White Polka Dot Dress w/Bow
On Sale: $ 19.20
CR Kids Floral Tiered Crossover Dress
On Sale: $ 15.00
CR Kids Leopard Rose Tiered Dress
On Sale: $ 21.00
CR Kids Pink Lace Trimmed Legging
On Sale: $ 12.60
CR Kids Black Shrug w/Sequin Trim
On Sale: $ 19.80
CR Kids Multi Stripe Sleeve Hoodie (3T)
On Sale: $ 16.80
CR Kids Black Skirt w/ Netting and Red Bow
On Sale: $ 15.00
CR Kids Black Velvet Bubble Skirt
On Sale: $ 18.60
CR Kids Pink Cord Pant w/Bows
On Sale: $ 14.40
CR Kids Brown Long Sleeve Street Skater Tee
On Sale: $ 16.00